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This concentrated powder product is formulated with natural and safe ingredients. It is completely free of optical brighteners and synthetic surfactants. It is a practical and fast product, it dissolves in contact with water without leaving streaks. Also ideal for cleaning borders, marble, stoneware, and resin. Fundamental is the presence of sodium percarbonate, a natural whitening based on oxygen, and that of Marseille soap that allows you to eliminate the grease and dirt collected. A floral scent with organic maltodextrins.

This product is certified by BIO ECO DETERGENT AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) and Vegan Quality (by the same body, it means that we do not use components of animal origin).

The use changes according to the surface to be washed:

1) FLOORS: pour 1/2 tablespoon of the product into 5 liters of hot water and wipe the surface with a well-wrung cloth.

2) FOR OTHER SURFACES (worktops, borders, windowsills): pour 1/2 tablespoon into 5 liters of hot water and pass the surface with a sponge or a well-wrung cloth. available: 250 gr (40 washes)


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