120 gr.

INCI: Sodium bicarbonate, parfum, silica, maltodextrin (bio), amyl cinnamal, coumarin.

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Natural products are concentrated in powder, composed of active ingredients, and free of harmful chemicals. Baking soda is the main component that neutralizes bad odors and the delicate scent of the essences makes the smell of the garments pleasant both by hand and in the washing machine. Available in fragrances: Bergamot and Jasmine, Lotus Flowers and White Musk, Lavender, Damask Rose, and Vanilla. Finally, the presence of organic maltodextrins completes the BIO ECO DETERGENZA AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) and Vegan Quality certification (from the same body, there is, therefore, the certainty that we do not use component components of animal origin).

How to use IN THE WASHING MACHINE (for 5 kilos of laundry) Insert 1/2 tablespoon of powder into the fabric softener tray and add a few drops of water to facilitate insertion. Available in 120 gr format (20 washes).


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