250 gr.

INCI: Citric acid, maltodextrin (bio)

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Concentrated powder product based on citric acid, a natural component that gives an exceptional shine to the dishes avoiding the formation of halos and safeguarding the internal parts of stainless steel of the appliance. Its powder formulation allows you to limit water waste. Also, there is the presence of biological maltodextrins.

The product is certified BIO ECO DETERGENT AIAB (Italian Association of Organic Agriculture) and Vegan Quality (by the same body, the certainty that we do not use components of animal origin).

Depending on the type of dishwasher, we recommend the following way of use: - In the case of a large rinse tray, > add a spoon in the rinse pad. Proceed with the usual washing. - In the case of a small rinse tray, > dissolve a tablespoon of the product in 100 ml of water and pour the contents into the appropriate tray. Available in 250 gr format (20 doses).


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